Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching Up Part III

Here is the last of the catching up.

 4th of July! We went to our town fireworks and went to a 4rth of July breakfast.

 Alison turned 9!! We had an Ohhh LaLa Spa Birthday for her.

 Foot soaking

 Oatmeal masks

 All the essentials for a spa day!

 Martha's Vineyard 2012. We always have such a great time being together on the island. We missed mom and dad this summer and Amy and her family.

 Blueberry Picking

Project mode. We worked on a lot of painting projects this summer.


Charlene said...

Tracy, all of those pictures are beautiful. It reminded me of what we missed this past summer. I know we are doing the right thing right now, but we still missed being with you all.

Amy M. said...

It's been a while since I've been on our blogs as well. I need to do the same thing- catch-up on the latest things. Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pictures. I always like the birthday themes that you have for your girls. I'll have to use some of these for Elisa one day. You are such an awesome mom of an awesome family. Love you Tracy.


Jenny said...

Great pictures Tracy! Thank you for sharing! I love to see pictures of your cute girls and all the things you all have been doing. The summer was fun on the Vineyard, but was definitely missing Amy and her family and Mom and Dad. Love ya girl.